An 8 to 5 job can be stressful at times. We work every single day; days turn into months and months turn into years. It becomes routine and the amount of stress piles up.  We all are probably experiencing these things now or have experienced them more than often in our life. Here a couple ways you can eliminate Stress at work:

1. A good night’s rest
2. Listening to classical music.
3. Exercising and eating healthy (Fruits, salads, etc)
4. Stretching and taking breaks.
5. Meditation/Yoga
6. Shoulder shrug exercises
7. Long walks
8. Laughing
9. Don’t forget to breathe!
10. Pamper yourself, a day at the Spa! (preferably Murrieta Day Spa and Hair Studio)

For an in-depth breakdown to not have your next melt down at work check out this article:
12 Ways to Eliminate Stress at work:


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