Tracking down the date of when the craze of fish pedicures came into play is hard to find. What wasn’t hard to find were numerous videos and articles about fish eating dead skin off your feet? Gross, right? The tingly, creepy, feeling of hundreds or thousands of Garra rufa, (also known as Docter Fish) goes about eating dead skin of your feet and also seen a pool of these fishes eat away skin from your entire body! If you ever get a chance yelp, google, and search “Fish Spas” or “Fish Pedicures” and the general public has mixed emotions about these pedicure trends.

If you ever get a chance, check out the Signature Services page with our MDS Signature Pedicure. As you relax with a heated neck pillow and eye mask, you will receive benefits from our foot scrub, volcanic ash detoxifying foot mask, and paraffin treatment. The pedicure finishes with hydrating moisturizers, nail shaping and polish.

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