Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I love Valentine’s Day! My “love language” is gifts (if you’re not sure what “love language” you are, see my article from last February at in our blog section). This means I show love and receive love best with gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be a homemade gift that you made and I will absolutely love that you thought of me. I know Valentine’s Day is seen mostly as a romantic holiday to share with a significant other, but I use it as an excuse to appreciate my kids and family as well. Because gifts are my favorite I thought I’d share some great gift ideas for the ones you love!

Coupon Book – These are personalized coupons that you can make for anyone. If it’s for a romantic partner you can make one for a 30 min. back rub or a homemade romantic dinner. For kids, you can do easy ones like one for a movie & popcorn night, a pizza & ice cream date, or stay up late on a school night.

A Memory Map – This one is so fun for a significant other! Get a map and circle the place you met or the place you got married. You can even just circle fun places you’ve been and made great memories. Then you can either frame one large map or get a frame with multiple spots for pictures and cut out each location and frame them individually. This is perfect to hang anywhere in your home.

6 Pre-Planned Dates – For this gift, all you have to do is write down different date ideas and place them in separate envelopes. When you are ready for a date night your partner picks a random envelope and that’s what you’ll do!

Spa Basket – A basket with a gift certificate for a couple’s massage, a neck pillow, and some massage oils are a great gift for someone who really needs a little TLC. You can also add love notes, bubble bath, lavender bath salts, or essential oils to make it really special.

I think all of these gifts are a great way to show you care. Get creative this Valentine’s Day and try one!


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