The Benefits of Exfoliation

The Benefits of Exfoliation

Exfoliation is defined as the removal of surface dry skin cells. It is considered one of the most important techniques you can use on your skin to resolve certain skin problems and also to achieve a healthy glow.

If your concerns are aging and wrinkles, exfoliation can help with that too. The skin has its own natural exfoliation process that slows as the skin ages, resulting in a build-up of dry skin cells. As you increase exfoliation, you are actually tricking your skin to act young again. That’s how beneficial exfoliation is!

So you may be thinking “How often should I exfoliate?” For most skin types a mild chemical exfoliate like a glycolic serum applied under a night cream for three nights on, three nights off would be a great place to start. You could also use a physical exfoliate, like a mild facial scrub with micro beads, one to two times a week to lift off and remove dead skin cells.

It is really important to remember not to exfoliate too much. If you use a facial scrub and your skin turns bright red and feels sensitive and irritated afterwards, then you are probably exfoliating too much or too hard. If you are using several different types of exfoliates and start to notice that your skin is drying out, you could possibly be removing the skin’s protective barrier which would result in moisture escaping. If you reduce the amount of exfoliates you use as well as how many times a week you use them, then your skin should naturally repair itself.

If you are unsure of where to start, I recommend booking an appointment for a facial or salt scrub. Because the skin on your face and body should be handled differently, it is important to choose appropriate products for both. I just launched and designed an amazing Dermabrasion Enzyme Mask for the face that combines the benefits of both chemical and physical exfoliates. It will gently buff away uneven rough and uneven skin tones to instantly brighten any complexion. For the body, look for a salt or sugar scrub mixed with moisturizing oils.

The goal is to exfoliate as much you can without irritation. Your skin will thank you!


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