Keeping the Body in Flow: Circulation

Keeping the Body in Flow: Circulation

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s cold. Cold hands, cold feet… Have you found it hard just to get warm and stay warm? Well, your circulation might be the culprit! It affects more than just your body’s temperature though. Brain fog? Muscle cramps? Studies show that it could be poor circulation. Having good circulation is beneficial for proper flow of nutrients in your body, as well as maintaining temperature.  Oxygen is properly distributed and can limit fatigue – muscular and mental. So how do we get our blood flowing in the most beneficial way?

Keep It Movin’

You guessed it. All those workouts are paying off in more ways than your waistline. Getting your blood flowing, literally, is one of the best ways to improve circulation through your body. Why? It allows your body to take in and use its oxygen more efficiently. That’s why a nice jog or a good hot yoga class leaves you feeling gooey and clear-minded.

Simmer Down

Keep yourself relaxed. Stress releases cortisol into our systems which makes our bodies work even harder than they need to. Stretching, yoga, and massage are all great ways to not only relax your mind but your body too. Through breathing and massage, it releases tension built up that better allows your body to absorb good hormones and increase blood flow all around.

Eat Good, Feel Good

Studies have shown that cayenne and ginger are all great ingredients to add to your dishes to increase blood flow. The spice in cayenne, the capsaicin, works by lowering your BP and allowing your blood vessels to expand. Ginger has been used in ancient medicine for hundreds of years, due to its BP stabilizing properties. Paying attention to the amount of salt and sugar you consume will also work magic for your circulation.

Having good blood flow is so important, especially as we age. High BP is a huge risk and getting your circulation under control is the best way to keep it low, and keep your body in proper flow.


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