Healthy Strands

Healthy Strands

Whether you are noticing a few extra strands in the shower or concerned that your hair doesn’t feel as thick as it once did, you’re not alone. It is common to experience some sort of hair loss in your lifetime, male or female. The severity may differ for everyone but regardless of the amount you’re losing, it should be a reason to take action.

There are several for reasons for hair loss, from stress, dietary issues, pregnancy, menopause and even genetics. In fact the primary cause is usually heredity; however, lifestyle can still play a role even when your genes are to blame. So what can be done to prevent further hair loss? Eating a diet loaded with proteins in an essential part of hair and skin health. Iron-filled foods such as kale and spinach are also great to incorporate into your healthy hair diet.

Though diet plays a big part of hair health it’s not the only thing you need to consider. Stress plays a big part in hair loss. It tightens the root and prevents circulation from reaching the root. So staying as zen as possible may just be what you need to keep hair on your head and out of your brush. I recommend taking the time to relax each month and schedule a massage or facial. A Spa Membership is a great way to keep costs down while ensuring that you’re making those spa appointments each month without letting too much time go by.

If you’re already dealing with thinning hair and you’d like fuller looking hair now, styling it properly may do the trick. The way your hair is cut has a lot to do with how full and thick it looks. Having a layered, shorter cut can create the illusion of fullness. Also limiting, heat styling and not brushing too often will preserve the hair you do have. Heat protecting products can do wonders at preventing heat damage if styling your hair is a must every day.

Ultimately all of these tips work together to having a healthy look. If you have more questions regarding hair styles, color services, or products for hair loss book a complimentary consultation with a stylist. You don’t have to figure it out on your own; there are professionals who can help!


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