Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Isn’t it true that we are sometimes the last to discover how we really appear? Now some may think that talking about dressing well and looking groomed is superficial, but I would beg to differ. Regardless of your features, weight, or stature you can always dress for success.

Your goal is not to impress others but to affect you. Few people change their appearance without enhancing their self-esteem or setting new goals for themselves. When you take a few extra moments to get ready and put some effort into the clothing selection and hair preparation it automatically raises your self-esteem. You walk with more authority and confidence when you know you look good and it translates into positive action in every situation you come across.

Most people simply dress the way they do out of habit and never think to make a subtle change in their appearance. I believe you certainly need to be your own person, but every now and then grab a fashion magazine at the grocery store or even an issue of Time or People. Look at what people are wearing and how hairstyles have changed. Even if you don’t copy looks straight out of a magazine just having an awareness of current trends gives you an awareness of what looks sharp and attractive.

Many people say that they can’t afford to have nice clothing items or purchase new ones. However, in many cases someone with a small clothing budget can buy a simple and inexpensive wardrobe that can pass for pure sophistication. It’s a matter of making thoughtful selections. Doing some research with magazines and fashion blogs can help show you how to pick a winning wardrobe.

Remember, trying to impress people will be a waste of time and energy unless you have first valued yourself. Make it a daily habit to evaluate what you look like and ask yourself “Am I dressed as the person I want to be?” Also, do something each week to improve your appearance and you will build confidence in who you are and what you reflect.

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