Beauty and the Beast

So much for growing old gracefully, with plastic surgery, Botox & fillers at an all time high, there is a fine line between looking good or taking things a little too far.

Having been in the Entertainment business for over 20 years it has helped me understand the relationship between feeling and looking good and what it takes to get there. You could be the most beautiful person on the outside but if you don’t take care of your physical and mental health, eventually it will catch up to you. When you focus on your health you naturally look, eat & sleep better, because you feel good. Speaking from experience, taking the time to look your best is essential because when you look and feel you’re best you’re getting your day off to a great start! People also react to you in a more positive way. I think the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” couldn’t be a more accurate statement!

I’d like to teach people the art of relaxing. It must be learned and practiced on a regular basic, by doing this I believe it would improve the quality of life. “Beauty starts from the inside out. Feeling good and loving yourself is the key to happiness.”

In running a business like I have with my Spa, I have found these principles to be helpful because it is very demanding being a business owner and mom. I make time to exercise, eat well and spend quality time with my family & friends. It is important to balance these things in your life. I work on these things every day. It takes a lot of will power and is not easy but very rewarding. Reading a good book or sharing a laugh and walk with friends or playing scrabble with my kids are some of my favorite things that I find very relaxing.

There are so many great things we can do that will make you feel and look younger. Helping us go through this aging process with laughter, fun and a bit of sweat, if you’re really wanting to do the work can be challenging so grab your spouse partner of friend and make it a team effort. Some of us are blessed genetically, but for all the rest, here are some simple steps to change your normal everyday routine:
#1. Drink an herbal tea in the morning or before bed.
#2. Drink at least 1 extra glass of water (they say we should drink at least 8 glasses, but most of us don’t).
#3. Before dinner, go for a 20 minute walk.
#4. Don’t eat dinner past 7pm.
#5. Make a to-do list. This will help your mind so you don’t stress about all the things you have to do this week, month or today.

I challenge you to start doing something different today to help you look and feel better. Baby steps, I have found are the best way to incorporate a any change, whether it be a new hair style, make-up color, exercising, eating more vegetables or fruit, starting a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, or one of my favorites , having services at my Spa, the list is endless. Make a bucket list of your favorite things…. and then just do it!!


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