4 Habits for Youthful Skin

4 Habits for Youthful Skin

The “age” old question of how to stop and/or reverse the signs of aging has been researched since as far as we can remember. What we’ve begun to realize is that studies of people who look exceptionally good for their age have a few things in common. Their skin was somehow able to robustly renew itself through the decades so that, for example, the antioxidant decline typically seen in their 20’s still hadn’t happened by their 50’s.

So do these people have “freak of nature” genes or is it lifestyle choices that can be thanked?

Scientists believe the answer is probably a little bit of both, however, many believe 80 percent of aging is due to lifestyle choices. Here are some habits that these seemingly ageless people put into practice:

  1. They go outdoors and exercise regularly. Exercise has the ability to transform the protein structure of skin in those 60 and older so it more closely resembles the skin of those 20 to 40. So go get that heart pumping!
  1. They don’t stress too much and choose to smile instead. Studies show that stress can lead to premature aging. Also, the act of smiling itself can make you look on average two years younger to others. So don’t stress about things out of your control and make an effort to smile and be thankful for the good things in life! Your skin will thank you.
  1. They have vegan tendencies. Dairy, meat, and sugar have all been associated with having more wrinkled skin. Diets rich in vegetables, legumes, and olive oil have been linked to a youthful complexion. Since some of us have trouble absorbing all of the nutrients from food, a nutritional supplement can also help.
  1. Their daily skin routine isn’t complicated. Using too many products with active ingredients can make the skin sensitive and irritated. A gentle cleanser, good treatment, hydrating moisturizer, and a daily sunscreen can do wonders when started early.

Recently in the skin care world, there has been talk that scientists will develop skin care products created specifically to suit your personal genetic profile. Isn’t that crazy! But for now, follow the steps above to achieve the best results.


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