3 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

3 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or any type of holiday party/gathering; beneath the twinkly lights and peppermint mochas, there is something not-so-sweet: holiday stress. It’s the Scrooge of all fun festivities…especially gingerbread house making. Seriously, who doesn’t get stressed putting one of those together?! Jokes aside, holiday stress is a real thing so I’ve come up with 3 tips to help beat stress so you can live these days merry and bright.

  • The Art of Saying “No”

We get it; you have every intention of being at every event and wrapping each present to perfection. But remember, this time of year is for giving and you cannot efficiently give love and cheer to others if you are tangled in obligations like a string of blinking lights. Practice saying no sometimes. Don’t over schedule yourself, limit your priorities to just a handful, and delegate tasks to others. This will make you stress less and be an overall better person to be around!

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Routine

‘Tis the season for all kinds of requirements that throw us out of our routine. But don’t forget that your routine is important for your mind and body. Make sure you are still tending to your personal needs and methods of relaxation. Sneak in some exercise, eat well (do your best), and get your monthly facial or massage! Trust me, the wrapping can wait.

  • Connect With Others.

This goes with slowing down. We forget in the fast pace of holiday to-do’s to stop and enjoy the people around us. Your kids may be home, or perhaps you have family in town you see once a year. Make it a worthwhile time of connection by actually sitting down and talking to them. Many times on holidays we’re so busy cleaning up, cooking, and making sure everyone else is taken care that we find ourselves resenting the fact that our family is laughing and talking in the other room…without us. So leave the dishes for later. Take advantage of that time and be with the ones you love…unless they drive you crazy…then feel free to hide out in the kitchen “washing dishes” (wink, wink).

Holiday stress may be inevitable, but with a little bit of discipline (and some wine), we can keep it from taking over so that you can truly enjoy this magical season.



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