The Importance of a Makeover

The Importance of a Makeover

If you have ever changed your hairstyle or purchased a new outfit you know it can be a huge confidence booster. You probably noticed how the people around you commented on how great you look or asked what was different about you. There is no denying that there is a direct connection between how you feel and how you look. A makeover can be a physical and emotional transformation. Makeovers actually help many people overcome difficult situations or life changing moments.

For many people, they don’t see outside their normal everyday routine. They hate how their foundation looks but they don’t get help finding a new one. They’re upset that their mascara runs or that their lipstick doesn’t stay on but they won’t look for new formulas. It is imperative that you take the time to broaden your beauty horizon. A lot of people don’t know where to start which is a why a makeover with a professional is the most time and cost effective way to start making changes. Putting yourself in the hands of a professional can help you choose the right products and the right colors for your beauty arsenal. Getting expert advice with your color scheme will help take years off; selecting the wrong colors can actually do the opposite.

Never take the power of a new hair style or hair extensions for granted. It can help give you the confidence, make you look younger, and help land the job or make a great first impression on a first date. If the idea of maintaining hair extensions isn’t up your alley there are other options. We just started carrying Halo Hair Pieces that take 2 minutes to put on and instantly you have longer, fuller natural looking hair.

I encourage you to book a makeover today! At Murrieta Day Spa we are having an exclusive Makeover Night on April 27th, 2017 with personalized consultations for our clients. If you are unable to attend, we book makeovers at any time on a normal business day. Or if you’re not local, find a spa/salon close to you that will help give you the boost you’re looking for. You’ll be happy you did it!

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