Getting the Most from Your Nutrition

Getting the Most from Your Nutrition

Eating healthfully and consciously doesn’t take much. Fruits and veggies, right? Our bodies are complex, and proper nourishment is key. Nutrient-rich foods are better when they’re stored and prepared properly. I can’t decide how you eat, but I can give some insight on making the most of your choices! So if you’re vegan, Keto, Paleo or just trying to eat more greens, these tips will take it to the next level!

  1. Farm to Table

The best way to increase the nutritional value of foods is to get them as fresh as possible. Think of the process it takes for your produce to get to your table. The longer a fruit or veggie spends off the root, the more nutrients it loses. The best way to maximize your food’s nutrients is by getting it from a local farmer’s market, farm, or growing it yourself. If those options are not available to you, research which grocers in your area offer the freshest, most local produce.

  1. Level Up Your Snack Game:

If snacking is your thing, listen up. We reach for snacks that are easiest for us, and those snacks can be packed with processed junk. Eating raw veggies is the best way to get nutrients, but cooked is great too! Try prepping your foods to be cut, stored, and ready to eat at the front of your refrigerator for easy access. You’ll find it much easier to get all your nutrients and feed your hunger beast.

  1. Keep It Simple:

If the new fad diet is too much to handle, keep it simple! Balance is most important when it comes to fueling our bodies for wellness. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so if that’s cooking, cook with the best ingredients you can! Good meats, fresh, organic veggies…it all makes a difference. It’s better to do the best you can than nothing at all.

We recently just switched to all organic produce in our café at Murrieta Day Spa in an effort to provide some of the best quality for our clients. Eating right can be intimidating. But with awareness comes improvement and with these tips in mind, it could make better nutrition easier!


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