Don’t Fret Over Dry Skin

Don’t Fret Over Dry Skin

Summer is winding down which means fall and winter are just around the corner.  While you’re out there shopping for the perfect boots to match your chic new coat, you may want to keep an eye out for skincare products as the leaves change. Your winter skincare routine should differ from your summer regime. In the summer we strive for bronzey skin and keeping our sweaty, oily faces sheen-free. Fall and winter can be harsh on the skin, and it may require you to swap out some of those go-to products for something a little more weather-proof. Keep some of these tips in mind if you are prone to dry, irritated skin in the colder months:

1. Switch to an uber hydrating night cream.

Not everyone wants to wear a heavy cream in the daytime. Applying a super luscious night cream after cleansing your face can make such a difference in your skin’s texture and appearance. Use it just before bed, and let it do its job while you sleep to wake up with soft, hydrated skin.

2. While you’re at it, up the ante on your daily moisturizer.

Say it with me: SPF is your friend. Yes, you are still prone to environmental and sun damage in the winter months. I recommend at least SPF 30 every day. In addition, you want something that is going to help lock in moisture all day long to prevent any irritation or redness. This may mean something a bit heavier than what you’d apply in the summertime, but trust me, your skin will thank you.

3. Try something with Hyaluronic Acid.

To deeply hydrate your skin, try products with Hyaluronic acid. This super-ingredient does wonders for bringing moisture to the skin, as well as aiding in cell-turnover which is good if you are prone to dry skin and breakouts. My personal favorite is Murad Hydro-Dynamic Moisturizer.

Winter doesn’t have to mean drab, dull skin. You can glow in more ways than one if your skin that skincare regime up to par!



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